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Nanotechnology Benefits

Nanotechnology is impacting businesses and will offer new and improved products and processes and will allow companies to innovate and enter new markets - below are some examples.

Nanotechnology Applications:

Advanced Manufacturing
•    Benefits: Controlled manufacturing processes, economical and high output with low cost. 
•    Applications and Uses: faster electronics, new material development 

•    Benefits: CO2 reduction, lighter materials, move to less fuel consumption cost savings, improved functionality of materials, minimising risk, flexibility and new systems
•    Applications and Uses: nanocomposites, advanced sensors, faster electronics for data processing

•    Benefits: higher crop yields, reduction in the use of pesticides and improved water management  
•    Applications and Uses: nanoparticles for removing contamination, moisture sensors, detection of pathogens 

•    Benefits: CO2 reduction, lighter materials, move to less fuel consumption
•    Applications and Uses: Lubricant / hydraulic additives, nanoparticles in catalytic converters, fuel cells, hydrogen storage

Chemical Industries
•    Benefits: reduction of waste and CO2 reduction
•    Applications and Uses: fuel cells, nanoparticles as catalysts

•    Benefits: lower energy needs, CO2 reduction
•    Applications and Uses: Thermal insulation, Energy storage devices

•    Benefits: UV protection, enhanced delivery of medicated skin products
•    Applications: clear sunscreens, beauty care products, Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals

Creative Industries
•    Benefits: Bioinspired product development
•    Applications and Uses: changing effects, advanced display systems

•    Benefits: better detection and surveillance techniques, 
•    Applications and Uses: body armour, chemical and biological sensors

•    Benefits: providing faster, smaller and enhanced hand held devices
•    Applications and Uses: Advanced display technologies with conductive nanomaterials, quantum computing, data storage, printable and flexible electronics, magnetic nanoparticles for data storage

•    Benefits: New materials for energy harvesting and storage
•    Applications and Uses: DC-DC power converters, fuel cells, nanocomposites for high temperature applications

•    Benefits:  CO2 reduction and clean-up
•    Applications and Uses: Air and water filtration, waste and water treatment, hazourdous materials disposal, in-building environmental systems, remediation

Extreme Environment
•    Benefits: De-icing,
•    Applications and Uses: Advanced textiles, stronger materials

Food and drink packing
•    Benefits: tracking, quality monitoring and anti-counterfeiting, provides enhanced information on product and is environmentally friendly 
•    Applications and Uses: improved barrier properties and heat-resistance, anti-microbial and anti-fungal packaging, smart sensing, biodegradable packaging

•    Benefits: better patient care and understanding of biological processes
•    Applications and Uses: Nanoparticulate drug delivery, Nanosilver dressings, Fluorescent biological labels

Household products
•    Benefits: self-cleaning, anti-bacteria and anti-fouling properties 
•    Applications and Uses: water and air purification systems, deodorizers and anti-misting systems

Low Carbon Technologies
•    Benefits: environmentally friendly with the goal to reduce CO2 production
•    Applications and Uses: energy storage devices

•    Benefits: products to improve transportation
•    Applications and Uses: Anti-fouling coatings, sensors,

•    Benefits: Stronger and lightweight materials, functionalised materials
•    Applications and Uses: Anti-fouling coatings, Nanotube polymers, printed electronics

Oil and Gas
•    Benefits: Safety monitoring, improved oil recovery, well management 
•    Applications and Uses: nanoparticles, novel sensors

•    Benefits: employee monitoring, advancing imaging, better testing, new characterisation methods
•    Applications and Uses: PPE equipment, stronger materials

•    Benefits: tagging and tracking, monitoring, advancing sensors technology, improved RFID technology
•    Applications and Uses: body armour, combating fraud with nanoparticle based inks

Sporting Goods and recreation
•    Benefits: Stronger and durable products, enhanced fabrics, textiles embedded with sensors
•    Applications and Uses: tennis balls, tennis rackets, hockey sticks

•    Benefits: hospital garments, emergency clothing and PPE, fashion on demand
•    Applications and Uses: Stain-resistant fabrics, self cleaning and anti-bacterial coatings, protection and detection, healthcare, new wearable textiles incorporating solar cells, sensors and self cleaning properties

•    Benefits: enhanced displays and user interfaces
•    Applications and Uses: airport information kiosk